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​Back to Taroko House

Back to hugging nature...from the heart!

Learn to live in the simplest way and not let complex thoughts spoil the sweetness of life - John Hamilton

public welfare tourism

​ play + service

A new travel experience!

Travel is to find ourselves. In the process, can lost souls find the meaning of life through different cultures, ages, lives, and in-depth experiences...

Aboriginal culture

In-depth travel experience

back to pure ease

back to the original dream

Return to the simplicity and existence of the world


the sounds of nature

the voice of the heart

natural sound

these sounds in your life

Is it noise or music?

"The touch on the tip of the tongue, the delicacies from nature, the local game, the special meals of aboriginal flavors...

Affordable delicacies, five-star chefs whet your taste buds, and local chefs are considerate to every family traveling.”

— Starry Inn

"Special Food Ranking"

dried fish bagiru

tear of lover

Huadong Corn Chicken

Garlic Grilled Chicken

Ma Jiao Steamed Golden Eye Bass

Peeled Chili Chicken Soup

Lingzhi Nourishing Chicken Soup

— Starry Inn

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