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  • Founded in 2016, Xingshengzhan Resort Hotel can accommodate nearly 100 tables of gourmet feasts, delicious snacks and accommodation space for 100 people. The whole hotel brings out the youthful and fashionable vitality and style, and also gives travelers a natural, warm and comfortable feeling of returning to nature! Xingshengzhan attaches great importance to the harmonious relationship with nature, has the service enthusiasm and intimacy of ordinary homestays, and has the equipment quality of star-rated hotels. It is one of the Taroko attractions that travelers must visit! Whether it is an international tour, a festive banquet, a special meal, a snack, or a landscape accommodation, it has its own unique style.


    Hualien Taroko retains world-class natural landscapes, and Taiwan's premier natural beauty

  • Here, you can put down the hard work of the city

  • Here, you can embrace mysterious mountains, deep seas and romantic starry sky

  • Star - lights up this long dark night; Sheng - symbolizes light

  • With the "star", the beauty of the night is exaggerated

  • Because of "Sheng", we can enjoy the beautiful scenery in luxury

  • This is the origin of "Xingsheng", and it also inherits and promotes the localized characteristics of the local "New Town".

  • I believe that here, we can embrace the most primitive and natural purity together

  • The concept of listening to nature, enjoying life and cultural heritage, Xingshengzhan is symbolized by three arc-shaped lines surrounded by a circle, and used to remind travelers and local people from all over the world: Only by treating this land well can this land be achieved. The beauty is passed on endlessly.

Learn to live in the simplest way and not let complex thoughts spoil the sweetness of life.

     --John Milton

星晟棧渡假飯店 外觀
  • The most moving scenery of Taiwan's Treasure Island: natural landscapes, food and people

  • At Xingshengzhan, travelers from all over the world share with you the world in their eyes from time to time

  • At Xingshengzhan, there are many special delicacies of different flavors to make you linger.

  • In Xingshengzhan, we hold art and literature lectures from time to time to let you know more about different life

  • This is the original intention of our founding

  • With the purest thoughts, in this vast and beautiful nature, a life without competition from the world

  • Here, Xingshengzhan, we can have an infinite dream of beautiful memories together

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