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Meditation by the Sea

A day at Xingsheng Zhan

The deep stress relief and LOHAS tour begins! Let's take a look at the itinerary arranged by Xiaozhanchang for you!

If you want to contact Xiao Zhan, please add Line: @pey3151e

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check in 

​Luggage can be stored in advance

Arrival at the hotel:
After storing your luggage, you can go out happily!

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Surrounding map

new urban and rural areas

Food and clothing! For more information, you can also visit the official website of the line! Line: Xing Sheng Zhan Resort Hotel

starry dm_2.jpg

+ Drive to:

    Down North:

       Taipei or Yilan goes south via Taiwan Line 9 north to south across Taroko University             After the bridge, turn left (Taiwan Line 9) and head towards Xincheng Station.  

       Facing Xincheng (Taroko) station on the left front.


       From Taitung or Hualien north to Xincheng Township (Tai 9)   

       Line about 185 kilometers), towards Xincheng Station, you can arrive. noodle

       On the left front side of Xincheng (Taroko) station.

+ Train to:

       Arrive at Xincheng (Taroko) Railway Station and walk for about 2 minutes.

       If you are at Hualien Railway Station, you can transfer to the train between Hualien and Xincheng District.

       Arrived in about 15 minutes.

+Airplane to:

       About 15 minutes by taxi to the hotel

       Or take a taxi for 5 minutes to Beipu Railway Station and transfer to Beipu Station

       Take the shuttle bus north to Xincheng Station.

Train : arrive at Xincheng(Taroko) train station, about 2 minutes on foot.

      If you are in the Hualien train station, please take the train, about 15 minutes to arrive Xincheng(Taroko) train station.

IMG20160606092346 (复制)1.jpg

Attractions itinerary

​It is only to introduce the local tour itinerary, please contact the unit window for details.

​ car rental

  • bicycle:  Hotel rental 50/hr (contact the counter)

  • Locomotive: 1. A rent a yatogo shared locomotive 0800-081657, you can pick it up at the hotel  ​     ​         2. Locomotive Depot in front of Xincheng Station 038610215

  • car:  Hualien city area (about 2500/day), if you need it, you can contact the counter for assistance



  • Hotel----Taroko Archway $200/one way (about 8 minutes)

  • Hotel----Dongdamen Night Market $500/one way (about 30 minutes), $1200/round trip

  • Hotel----Airport $500/one way (about 15 minutes including waiting)

  • Hotel----Chongde $500/one way (about 13 minutes)

    (The price quoted above is for a 5-seater car "for 4 people", if you need to inquire about other cars, please contact the counter)



Taroko Day Tour $800

Mountain and Sea Love Day Tour$900

(Registration is required in advance, and the quotation should be confirmed according to the on-site inquiry)

*Taroko itinerary, you can get on the bus at the hotel, get off at the hotel or go to the city

*Shan Hai Lian must get on the bus at Hualien Station, or contact to confirm the relevant boarding location


chartered car

*Please refer to itinerary*

4 hours: 2500

8 hours: 3600

    (The above quotation is for a 4-seater car, if you need to inquire about other passenger cars, please contact the counter )

*The actual price may be adjusted according to the distance and time, please confirm with the responsible window!




​ half day


  • Old Street Tour:  Hotel---Xincheng Photo Studio (photographed in Midsummer Light Years)---Xincheng Catholic Church---Xincheng Seawall---Yani Butterfly Garden---Hotel

  • ​​ Taroko Half-Day Tour: Hotel--Taroko Archway--Swallow Mouth Trail--Green Water--Jiuqu Cave--Eternal Spring Temple--Hotel

  • Rift Valley Half Day Tour:  Hualien Station--Kingshuin (change to Fenglin Trail on Monday)--Liyu Lake--White Baoxi--Dream Lake--station

  • Intellectual Half-Day Tour: Hualien Station --- Qingxiuyuan (changed to Happy Farm on Monday) --- Liyu Lake --- Yunshanshui --- Old Winery Cultural and Creative Park --- Station


one day

  • Taroko One-Day Tour: Hotel---Qingshui Cliff---Shakadang Trail or Eternal Spring Temple---Yanzikou Trail---Tianxiang---White Poplar Trail---(Hotel)---Qixing Tan --- urban area (Dongdamen Night Market)

  • Rift Valley Day Trip:  Hualien Station---Liyu Lake---Dream Lake---Amazing Workshop---Guangfu Sugar Factory---Matai'an Wetland---Lintian Mountain---Station Station

  • <Please also refer to the hotel's official website: itinerary---climbing route map>

​ mountaineering

  • Zhuilu Ancient Road (reservation and guide required one month in advance)

  • Dejili Bamboo Forest Hunting Trail

  • Wenshan Green Water Trail

  • Yuewenting Ancient Road

  • Creekside Hunting Trail (Guide required)

  • Datong Dali Tribe (Guide required)



  • Taroko: Hotel---Visitor Center---Changchun Temple---Ning'an Bridge---Yanzikou---Jiuqu Cave---Cimu Bridge---Tianxiang---Ballic Trail--- Return --- Hotel (total about 8 hours), if you take a bus with a bicycle, please confirm the Hualien bus timetable 03-8333-468 (only 4 times a day)
    <For more information, please refer to the official website of Taroko National Park>

  • New Town Cycling Tour

​ tribe

  • Half day:Hunter School (Japanese): Trap making---traditional archery---DIY darts---drilling wood for fire---cutting wood---texture experience $1200

  • Half-day: Hunter School (Night): Catch fish at night, catch river shrimp-, catch loach---hunting experience---tribal style meal $1200

  • Half-day: Cultural Tour: The Blessing of the Ancestral Spirit, the Hometown of Rose Stone  (You can also grind jade and rose stone separately) $999



  • ATV $1200/unit

  • Canoe, stand-up paddle SUP$1400-1800/person

  • Paraglider $3000

  • Rock climbing: Heren Beauty Bay Rock Climbing Ground $1600

  • Upstream: Sanzhan, Golden Canyon $1200-1600 (half day)  $ 3000-3600 (full day)

  • Rafting: 800-1500 (about 1.5hr drive from the hotel)

  • Diving: Peaceful (open from time to time)

  • Whale watching $800 (about 2.5hr), Formosa search $1200 (about 4hr holiday 5:00)


Lunch and dinner

Light meal, set menu, no-menu dishes, combined dishes

Lunch time: 11:00-13:30

Dinner time: 16:30-20:30
*Xiao Zhanchang recommends dinner at 18:30, our Taroko area is quiet at night ~ I suggest that you can play outdoors before the sun goes down!

*Secretly tell everyone... Xingsheng Inn has a hidden version of the service, which is provided to the guests!

As long as you are a guest of Xingsheng Inn, more than five people can ask the counter to arrange a rice ball set for $180 or a sandwich for $80 for the next day's mountain climbing one day in advance to enjoy it!

*Those who want to prepare for the return journey can also book a bento in advance and enjoy it on the bus!

螢幕快照 2021-04-16 下午10.12.09.png

Hotel facilities

Board games, smart fitness, massage, small objects DIY
For details, please contact the counter, mainly on-site,
The manager reminds you that all facilities are available before 21:00!

  • Board game rental: chess, backgammon, bouncing war chess, poker,  Mahjong, rummy, table football

  • Smart fitness: BMI + muscle strength test, upper body training machine, lower body training machine

  • Stress-relieving oil massage (by appointment): 1500/hr If you need a male or female master, please let us know in advance.

  • Small things DIY ( reservation ) : outside the museum (transportation required)

  • Laundry facilities: 2F is equipped with coin-operated washing, drying and undressing machines (all only take 10 yuan coins!)


late night drinks

Order before 20:30~

★Cooked food must be ordered from the counter at 16:30-20:30

★You can refer to the appetizers and all kinds of alcohol and drinks

★Snacks, drinks and instant noodles can be purchased at the counter before 21:00


Pacific Sunrise

The most beautiful spot: RF (top floor)

The little guy said...

Dear, don't see the sunrise and say it intuitively ~ it's impossible to get up!

Pacific sunrise + sweet air before sunrise + insects and birdsong

It is the most unforgettable memory of many tourists in Xingsheng Inn! !


Vitality Breakfast

7:30-9:30 (For group check-in, please announce the time according to the group)

The innkeeper knows that many tourists are going to climb mountains and ride bicycles... If our breakfast time is too late for you, please inform the counter before 19:00 the day before check-in, and we will help you according to the situation of the guests on the day Arrange meals, eg: take out, advance time...etc. We will try our best to meet your needs! I hope everyone is full before going out to play!

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