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bike friendly

1. Bicycle rental service

2. Recommended bicycle tours

3. Breakfast lunch box replacement (please inform before 19:00 one day in advance)

4. Indoor and outdoor parking spaces

5.  Clean the car wash area

pet friendly

Xingshengzhan Resort Hotel--Pet Room Charges

1. Objects to stay: Only medium-sized cats, dogs (hair children) and guide dogs with a height of less than 30 cm and less than 15 kg are allowed to stay. (Other pets such as birds and rabbits are also included in this specification. If there are other pet species, please ask and inform in advance)

2. Check-in rules:

    (one)  Hairy children can stay in limited exclusive room types, please cooperate with on-site room arrangements. (Large dogs can be transferred to the B&B area)

    (two)  When checking in the room, you must sign the "Occupation Agreement for Hairy Children", and pay a deposit (cash) NT$1,000 in advance. After check-out, it is confirmed that there is no damage in the room, and the full amount will be refunded.

    (three)  Pets must be placed in pet carts or pet bags or backpacks. Pets are not allowed to land in public spaces, nor can they enter the restaurant or public areas of the hotel together. Guide dogs for the blind are exempt.

    (Four)  Before moving in, please be sure to remove insects and fleas and take a bath. Dogs are not allowed to be washed in the room to avoid blockage of drainage.

    (five)  Please do not use the towel in the hotel to wipe the hair and groom the children. If you find it, you must buy the item back at the hotel's price.

    (six)  Please do not let the furry child bark to avoid environmental noise or aggressive behavior. If the prevention is invalid, it will cause trouble to other hotel guests and the hotel staff. You will be asked to check out and leave, and the paid room payment will not be refunded.

    (seven)  For other related agreements, please refer to the "Occupation Agreement for Hairy Children".

3. Charge items: denominated in New Taiwan Dollars

Project charge price remarks

1. House cleaning fee for hairy children (accommodation fees will be charged additionally) 800 yuan for continued stay free of charge

2. The additional price for hairy children (the second hairy child) 600 is limited to 2 people per room

3. A fine of 2,000 for the hairy child to check in without reservation/self-entrainment

4. The hairy child fails to comply with the "Occupational Agreement for the Hairy Child"; violators are fined 1,000

5. If the facilities in the room are dirty, the deposit will be confiscated 1,000

6. The damage to the facilities in the guest room will be fully compensated according to the manufacturer's valuation

The shop reserves the final right to make changes. Please abide by the rules of the hotel for related services. If there are any incomplete matters, please provide them in accordance with the announcement and the actual situation on the spot. Thank you.

mountaineering friendly

1. Onigiri set meal reservation (guests only)

2. Lunch lunch reservation

3. Combination meal (+ braised pork rice all-you-can-eat)

4. Diversity needs recommendation (backpacking homestay)

5. Traffic and guide recommendation

Please see a day in Xingsheng Zhan

Senior, Vegetarian, Muslim Friendly

*Long-term stay project for the elderly and retirees (detailed project)

*Muslim certified restaurant

*Variety of vegetarian meals

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