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Meal for 5-6 persons  set meal for 5-6  people 

Japanese style mambo fresh fruit plate

Using the rich collagen of the fish skin of Mambo, a specialty of Xincheng, it is served with Japanese-style vegetables as an appetizer.

Sakura Shrimp Fried Rice

Chef's special sauce with specially selected ingredients will satisfy your taste buds

Huadong Corn Chicken

Orthodox Huadong Corn Chicken (cold dishes eat umami)

Steamed Sand Shrimp with Garlic

Fresh seafood can be eaten

Ma Jiao Steamed Oven Fish

The aboriginal characteristics of Ma Jiao are deliciously paired with alpine spring water to breed golden perch, delivered directly from the fishery

Original Hot Vegetables  

  Stir-fried vegetables select seasonal ingredients

Peeled Chili Chicken Soup 

Chef's special Huadong local delicacy peeled pepper healthy nourishing soup

Hong Kong style famous spot

Xingsheng Delicious Fruit


*the image is only a reference* ​            

  All subject to 10% service charge

All prices are in TWD and subject to 10% service charge.

#Sunfish, vegetable with Japanese Salad

#Aboriginal  rice

# Hualien fish

#Garlic steam shrimp

#Hualien local chicken

#Fried vegetable

#Chef Soup

#Delicate dessert

# Fruit

~The above is for reference only, subject to the on-site menu~

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