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Resort Hotel

Suite equipment

◆Free Wifi wireless Internet access

◆TV cable channels

◆Inverter air conditioner

◆Separate bathroom equipment

◆Hair dryer

◆Advanced first-class certified pillow and quilt

◆Advanced shampoo and shower gel

◆Toilet utensils, towels, bath towels

◆ Hangers, wardrobes

◆Enjoy public space equipment and tourist information

◆Free mineral water

◆Free tea bags and coffee bags

◆ Free Wifi wireless internet

◆ TV cable channel

◆ air conditioner

◆ independent bathroom

◆ Hair dryer

◆ high-level certification of the pillow

◆ shampoo, shower gel

◆ towels, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap

◆ hanger, wardrobe

◆ enjoy the public space equipment, tourism information

◆ free mineral water

◆ free tea bag, coffee bag

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