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Resort Hotel

◆Free Wifi wireless Internet access

◆Inverter air conditioner

◆Shared bathroom facilities outside the room, hair dryer, bamboo charcoal bath,

   Shampoo (available in all four rooms)

◆Advanced cooling fan

◆Premium Four Seasons Pillow and Quilt

◆Privacy bed curtain, storage locker

◆Enjoy all communal space equipment (large refrigerator, thermos,

   drinking fountains, wine glasses, holiday party goblets, china cups),

   travel information

◆If you need to buy toothbrushes, paper towels, razors…

   For daily necessities, please contact the service staff.

◆ Free Wifi wireless internet

◆ air conditioner

◆ shared bathroom

◆ Hair dryer

◆ high-level certification of the pillow

◆ shampoo, shower gel

◆ enjoy the public space equipment, tourism information

◆ free tea bag, coffee bag

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